Air Filtration


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  Air Filters
Luwa are able to supply a complete range of filters within the International Filter Classifications from coarse-dust filters to ULPA filters. As there are many variations in shape size and rating please contact us with your specific requirements for a full quotation:

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 Automatic filters
For applications with high dust loads, where static filters would block too frequently Luwa offers a range of automatic filtration solutions:

RPF Rotary Pre Filter

APF Automatic Panel Filter

Ink/Oil Mist Filtration

Pulse Jet Filter

Multi Dust Collector
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  LEV Testing
Where (LEV) local exhaust ventilation is used to control the release of hazardous substances from a process into the workplace there is a legal duty to maintain the control measures. Our LEV testing includes checks of plants regarding condition and performance to ensure they are operating as designed.

LEV Testing, & Plant Maintenance

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